Warranty and Service

Dealing with complaints

The place to claim is the dealer where the goods were purchased. Complaints, including the removal of defects must be handled without undue delay, within 30 days from the date of the claim, unless the seller and buyer agree on a longer period. Buyer may make a claim in person or by sending goods to complaint delivery service at their own expense, in safe packaging. Package should include the claimed product, sales documents, a detailed description of the defect and contact details (return address, phone number).
The warranty becomes void if

  • The product has been used and maintained in accordance with the operating instructions
  • The product has been used in other conditions or for purposes other than those for which it is intended
  • For product damage or excessive wear was caused by inadequate maintenance
  • Damage caused by external mechanical, thermal or chemical effects
  • Defects caused by improper storage or handling of the product
  • The product has been used beyond the permissible load

XTline group other brands

  • Honiton
  • Corona
  • XTline